Dark Islands, 2013

Photographs I – VI

Inkjetprints on FineArt Baryta, 43 x 83 cm, on Aluminium

The photographs are taken during a severe storm on the westcoast of Quiberon exposed to the open sea. The wind is throwing foamy waves against the rocks, washing over the shapes of the shore and constantly moves the line between sea and land.
The original shots are black-and-white negatives. I kept the images inverted in their brightness values in which they reflect the precise opposite of reality.

Another reality is created. The landscape has replaced it’s direct recognisability for a transparency and is gaining a strange presence in these special lighting conditions. The rockformations seem to glow from within and remind of icebergs. A specific time of day can’t be assigned, it could be night time.
In a metaphorical sense in these photographs I record a whole world of water and refer to the earth as the blue planet. All I see is water. In a foamy sea I view the rocks as icebergs under a hazy sky.

A single moment of the eternal movement of the sea is frozen in each photograph. The only constant line in a storm would be the horizon line. The curvature of the plane and horizon line, at which we look, creates a distance to the landscape, as if the photographs are taken from a great distance to the earth.